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The site Daily Telegraphy posted a new interview where she talks about Katy moving on after her broken marriage , her moral compass intact and living free of fear

WHENEVER I have met Katy Perry, I am struck by how tiny and fragile she seems. Her eyes are always so large and emotive.

She gives the impression of being sad yet she is a powerhouse at marketing her own tragedy and drama. She has nearly 70 million Twitter followers — a Katy Perry nation largely made up of teenage girls barely half her age — 29 years old.

Katy Perry performs in Macau: “Touring is important to me. It’s like a big IOU to my fans

Yet those young women struggling with so many issues relating to self-worth and validation are able to identify with Perry and her increasingly confident persona. Make no mistake about it, though — Katy Perry is a rebel. Her parents were born-again Christian evangelical preachers and her tween years were a non-stop Jesus camp where even The Smurfs were forbidden TV fare. Her early musical tastes fell into the realm of gospel and Christian rock.

Who could have predicted that Katy would emerge as one of the top-selling pop artists of her time. No one has had five consecutive No.1s from the same album since Michael Jackson did it with Thriller. Perry is in the midst of a non-stop, year-long world tour. Her fans love her powerful stage presence and she feels a responsibility to stay connected to her millions of followers in countries ranging from the UK to Germany to Japan and Australia.

She seems as vulnerable as she is fierce.

“I like putting all the things, all the lessons I have learned, and all the things I’m inspired by into songs.”


May, 15 – Katy Perry, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and global pop superstar, made a special stop-over to Ho Chi Minh City where she gave the keynote speech at Forbes Viet Nam first-ever Under 30 Summit. During her panel session, Perry took questions from the audience and moderated a discussion with young professionals who are working to make a difference for Vietnamese children’s lives.

She also shared her own personal stories, including her wish to have had more consistent and better quality education. Perry then encouraged young people to use social media and technology as a modern megaphone to advocate for causes they believe in.

As a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, I try to use my voice to help inspire other young, bright people like yourselves,” Perry said to over 1,200 young Vietnamese professionals, entrepreneurs, artists, scientists, activists and students. “I also want to amplify your voices on issues and concerns that are most important to you. You are the ones that can make the most difference to the future.”

Viet Nam has made impressive gains for its young people over the past 20 years. However, the gap between rich and poor has widened, with many children and young adults left behind, lacking basic necessities such clean water, good nutrition, quality healthcare and inclusive education.

UNICEF Viet Nam works towards ensuring that every child goes to school, has access to quality healthcare and nutrition and is protected from abuse and exploitation.

Katy Perry came to Ho Chi Minh City in her role as UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador to call on this country’s young professionals to act locally, show leadership and be socially conscious entrepreneurs to improve the lives of Vietnamese children,” said Mr Jesper Moller, UNICEF Viet Nam’s Deputy Representative.

Under the theme: “The Next Generation”, Forbes Viet Nam’s Under 30 Summit focused on the generation of young people who were born in the 1970s and ‘80s. A full day conference including keynote speeches, on–stage interviews and panel discussions addressed the identity of this generation, their opportunities and challenges, their vision for Viet Nam’s future.

UNICEF Viet Nam partnered with Forbes Viet Nam, IDG Ventures and YAN Media for this Under 30 Summit.

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NINEMSN.COM.AU – Today host Karl Stefanovic was left speechless at the end of a flirty interview with US pop superstar Katy Perry.

The interview, that aired on the Nine Network this morning, also saw the singer proudly declare herself a feminist, saying she now understands what the term means.

It just means that I love myself as a female and I also love men,” Perry said.

At the start of their chat the breakfast TV veteran explained to Perry that he was excited to have the rare opportunity to speak to her.

We’ve got this entertainment dude (Today Entertainment Editor Richard Wilkins) who is, like really protective of his patch,” Stefanovic said, explaining that he usually just hosted the Today Show.

After a discussion that included Perry advising children to “stay focused in school” and being shown potential Aussie partners Stefanovic shook hands with the singer and said it was great to meet her.

I’m so glad I could be your first,” Perry said to the shocked host.

After a few second of stunned silence Stefanovic managed to eke out the words “me too” before calling the pop star a “crazy woman”.

TV Appearances & Interviews > From 2014 > March – The Today Show – Australia

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GQ.com – Not very long ago, she was strumming a guitar on the street and getting paid in avocados. Today she’s the most cartoonishly ubiquitous pop star on Earth. Katy Perry gives Amy Wallace an earful about aliens (real), her world-famous body (real), her “relationship” with Obama, and what the hell she was thinking before she went full geisha at the American Music Awards.

It smells like weed in here. Weed and doughnuts.

We’re in the basement of the Nokia Theatre in downtown Los Angeles, backstage at the American Music Awards, in a dressing-room suite that would be spacious if not for all the frenzied humanity crammed inside. Katy Perry sits atop a tall director’s chair surrounded by the many, many members of her team: voice coach, two hairstylists, one makeup artist, a costumer, and several others who hover and hand Perry things without her asking: Breath mints. Her phone. Eye drops for her enormous anime eyes. Special pills prescribed by her ear, nose, and throat guy to keep her voice from drying out pre-performance. “It happens,” Perry says. “It’s the nerves.

She doesn’t seem the slightest bit nervous. Which is impressive when you consider that the 29-year-old diva (who’s never really seemed like one) is trying something different tonight. Perry has always played a dual role in the culture: at once a full-on male fantasy and a symbol of empowerment who inspires young girls. No other artist has so seamlessly blended teenage dreams and grown-up misadventures, singing about hickeys and crushes, yes, but also threesomes, blackouts, and strangers in your bed. Now, on prime-time television, she’s about to twist her image one more quarter turn, transforming from America’s audacious, outrageous cleavage-bot into its selfless, doting concubine. At precisely five o’clock, she will kick off the awards show with a Japanese spectacle featuring fluttering fan dancers, four men pounding on gongs, a forest of rolling topiary, and a metric ton of faux cherry blossoms.

Now the smell of a different type of flora—Cannabis sativa—wafts in from the hallway…. Ah, okay, Rihanna’s suite is twenty feet away. “Everyone is high!” Perry declares, giggling. She means everyone else: “The weed—I’m not friends with it.” She is bare-shouldered, bare-legged, barefooted—bare-everythinged, basically, except for the wig cap on her head and the teensy light blue Hello Kitty terry-cloth wrap that cinches above her breasts and ends where butt meets thigh. “I can’t do that stuff. I’d be like in the corner: ‘Are you trying to kill me?!’

But that sugar-sweet doughnut reek? Perry takes responsibility. The doughnuts are gone—the victims, it seems, of a fried-dough orgy that ended before I arrived.

She starts warming up her voice: “Eee, eee, eee, eee, EEE, eee, eee, eee, eee!” Five notes up, four notes down, a sort of pitch-perfect keening.

A little whinier and looser,” her voice coach commands. “Make your tongue super-loose.

Ex-cuse me?” she responds, batting her lashes, enjoying the vague reference to naughty things one can do with one’s mouth, then blasts out another scale. “Good,” says the coach, dodging a mascara wand and a hot curling iron to play another note on his iPad keyboard. “Now, really whiny. Say: Gwah!

Gwa, gwa, gwa, gwa, GWAH,” Perry projects, extending her legs, crossing them at the ankles and resting her heels on the makeup table. As someone slips a pair of glittery tabi socks onto her feet, a blur of others poke at her and tug at her and dust her face with Super White theatrical powder.

It takes a village!” she trills, and the crew laugh anxiously. Her geisha wig has yet to be secured to her head. Her pink kimono is draped on a hanger. In just twenty-five minutes, she’s supposed to go live.

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Katy is looking absolutely stunning on the cover of the January 2014 issue of Marie Claire (US) — scans to be added shortly! An extract from the interview is posted below; read the rest on the Marie Claire website.

KATY PERRY HAS HAD A HELL OF A COUPLE OF YEARS. In case you missed it: Amid a best-selling tour for a multiplatinum album, there was a divorce, a walk on the dark side, then a new relationship, a breakup, a make-up, and a return to a lighter side—all of which led to the release last October of her third album, Prism, that has since produced the chart-toppers “Roar” and “Unconditionally” and debuted at No. 1 with the biggest sales week of her career. Got all that?

Being Perry is a vigorous effort, even as she shoots whipped cream out of her bra and sings about kissing girls and teenage dreams to hordes of “KatyCat” fans. Her last album, Teenage Dream, tied with Michael Jackson’s Bad for the most No. 1 hits (five) off of a single record, and her multimillion-dollar empire includes partnership deals with CoverGirl, Eylure eyelashes, and Popchips; three best-selling fragrances (Purr, Meow!, and Killer Queen); and voicing Smurfette in The Smurfs movies. And she’s not about to slow down now. “I’m never going to be lazy, because there are 500 other people waiting in line for this position,” she says.

Today, the 29-year-old singer-songwriter is in rehearsals at the CenterStaging studios in Burbank, California, for her tour that kicks off in May and will travel all over the globe through fall 2015. In a faded zip-up Aviator Nation sweatshirt borrowed from boyfriend John Mayer and leopard-print sweatpants, Perry looks more like a track athlete at an away game than pop’s reigning Teen Dream Pop Queen. Around her, dancers and backup vocalists warm up, and band members rehearse “Roar,” which Perry will perform later in the week on Saturday Night Live. Her assistant lugs four large black bags, explaining that these are Perry’s closet giveaways; crew members draw a number and take turns going through the mountains of clothing that Perry is off-loading. (She is generous with concert tickets, too. On tour, she bikes around in a baseball cap and sweats with 10 tickets in her pocket to give to unsuspecting kids.)

If you wonder how Perry has time for a personal life with all this empire-building, often that is part of the enterprise, too. “I feel like my secret magic trick that separates me from a lot of my peers is the bravery to be vulnerable and truthful and honest. I think you become more relatable when you’re vulnerable. When you try to market yourself like some supernatural figurine who can’t be fucked with, I always resort back to Scripture: Pride comes before a fall.”

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Get ready to “Roar:” Katy Perry has a new gig, and it’s a good one.

The pop star, who’s long been known for her lovely, bold and often irreverent beauty looks, has been tapped to be the latest CoverGirl spokesmodel for a series of ads that will debut in Spring 2014. This first-look photo shows the star with a soft, fresh face, complete with long lashes, rosy cheeks and just a hint of that ’90s style she’s been rocking lately.

RELATED PHOTOS: Barely there vs. bold – which beauty look do you prefer?

“In addition to music, I’ve always considered makeup to be a powerful creative avenue of self-expression,” Perry (who has made forays into beauty before with a fragrance and eyelash line) said in a statement. “I’m honored to partner with CoverGirl and share more colors and textures of my approach to beauty to inspire my audience.”

And though this first shot is somewhat subdued, the release promises to showcase “a breadth of bold new beauty looks” highlighting products developed by legendary makeup artist (and the brand’s global creative director) Pat McGrath. “Katy is the embodiment of a true CoverGirl — someone we root for, identify with, and get inspiration from,” said Esi Eggleston Bracey, VP and General Manager. “We have been admirers of her music and her style for a long time, and are looking forward to a beautiful journey together.”

Keep up with Katy Perry in the pages of PEOPLE Magazine by subscribing now.

Want to get Perry’s romantic look above? Three key products you’ll want to try: Clean Glow blush in “Roses,”Clump Crusher Extensions Lash Blash mascara and LipPerfection lip color in “Euphoria #360.”

Are you loving Katy Perry’s new role as CoverGirl spokesmodel? What beauty looks are you hoping to see in her ads?


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