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Favor: 11000
Gems: 200

Morgan Le Fay Statistics

430 (+77)
250 (+55)
365 (+0)
55 (+0)
1 (+0.8)
Attack / Sec

Morgan Le Fay Skills

Morgan Le Fay Lore

Tales are spun and the soft murmurs of the name Morgan Le Fay are whispered in groves, villages, and kingdoms alike. The dark enchantress of ill repute was not always so, and her story matured in the great kingdom of Camelot itself.

Morgan Le Fay roamed the courts of Camelot inspiring awe and drawing many a knight’s gaze in her direction. In the libraries, she was found tutoring under the master wizard, Merlin. It was in those dusty halls, filled with arcane grimoires, tomes and parchments littered with enchantments, that she learned to hone in on her talents as a sorceress, revealing new avenues of power that were previously hidden.

King Arthur and Morgan Le Fay grew closer over their time together in Camelot, frequently seen hand-in-hand at the royal dances, side-by-side in the war room discussing strategies and plans of attack. There was another, however, that did not enjoy how close the two were getting.

Queen Guinevere lurked those same hallways, quiet and frustrated to be seemingly left behind and forgotten. In those moments alone that she still maintained with the King, she sowed seeds of distrust in Arthur’s mind and from Arthur in turn to Merlin.

The schemes were brought to fruition after a heated exchange took place between Morgan Le Fay, King Arthur and Merlin. Angered at being shamed for trivial reasons in full view of his loyal subjects, Arthur used the arsenal of thoughts provided by the Queen and brandished them as a weapon against Morgan Le Fay. She was accused of insubordination and conspiracy to usurp the throne. Abashed at the groundless allegations and bitter that not even her mentor would come to her aid, Morgan Le Fay’s sorrow transformed into utter fury as she condemned the royal pair. Turning away, she blast open the doors of the throne room, leaving them broken and charred as she walked away from Camelot, making a decision at that moment only to return when she was prepared to truly take the throne.

With Tiamat’s arrival, the gods on edge and unprepared, that time has finally come.